Waltham Public Library Sale

The Patrick Hynes/New Media Strategics blog manipulation story will continue to be updated at this link, but in the meantime Borderline needs to get back to the main focus of this blog: Waltham and Newton.

The Waltham Library Sale is going on right now, and if you've never been, it's very worth your while to check it out. The books are cheap -- I got about 10 and all were $1 or $2, including the hardcovers and recent bestsellers. There are some "premium" books which can be more expensive, but of the thousands of normal books there's a huge selection and there are great deals. It just started yesterday for Friends of the Waltham Public Library, which organizes the sale, and today it opened up to the public, and will be ongoing until Oct. 14. Visit the Waltham Public Library website for more information.

One interesting note about the sale: The FWPL guy at the cashbox said that on the opening night, restricted to members, there are a hardcore set of bookbuyers who rush in with boxes, grab certain books, run out to their cars, and run back in again for more. It's a zoo, he said. I suspect they are Internet book sellers grabbing textbooks and such which can sell for high prices online.

While I am on the topic of libraries, the Waltham Public Library is a really, really nice library. Better than the bigger and newer Newton Free Library, in Borderline's opinion. The Waltham library has nicer reading room, better garden, better kids space, and a video and music section where it's actually possible to find decent stuff to take out. Newton, however, has bigger fiction and nonfiction selections, and more periodicals. Newton also has local branches, whereas the Waltham library only has the Main Street building.

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