Mr. Diabetes' Recreational Vehicle Spotted on Crafts Street

Borderline got behind Mr. Diabetes' SUV on Crafts Street this morning. You may remember reading about Mr. Diabetes in the Tab and the Globe last month. He's a Newton native and diabetes survivor named Andy Mandell who raises awareness and funds for the disease. He also keeps most of the money for himself, his brother, two paid employees, a "recreational vehicle" and other overhead, according to the Salem News.

Well, Borderline was able to identify the "recreational vehicle" quite easily. It has Mr. Diabetes logo, and his website URL (DefeatDiabetes.org) plastered all over it. It's a tricked out Land Rover with lots of antennae sticking out of the top. Not sure if Mr. D was in the vehicle, which was speeding toward Newtonville as I turned onto California Street.



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