A love letter to Waltham

Lisa over at H2Otown has pointed Borderline to a convert to the Cult of Waltham, who writes a moving ode to our fair city.

"Waltham City Boy" is a Las Vegas transplant who first came a few years ago but got a couple of bad first impressions. He had to sleep on someone's floor. He had never dealt with rotaries before. After a while, he moved to Boston, thinking it would be better, but now he's back, and he's come around:
I cannot remember what it exactly was I hated about Waltham when I left. But I can tell you what I love about it now that I am back, one year later. Waltham, how I love thee.

I love the fact that at any time of afternoon, at the intersection of High St and Moody St, you can find a handful of locals hanging out on the benches near the fire station. Those same individuals are usually still there the next morning.

I love the fact that Moody Street is ripe with small, individually owned restaurants like the Hungry Coyote (which is listed on www.burritophile.com but unrated because you have to login to give it a review and apparently nobody wants to do that!)

Where else but Waltham will you walk down High St and come across a toilet put out on the sidewalk for the garbage men to pick up. Not just the toilet seat, the bowl, the tank and the floor boards it was attached to, too!

Waltham has a Costco! I mean, come on.

Waltham has its own stretch of the Charles River that is actually picturesque throughout the seasons.
Welcome home, City Boy. Welcome home.



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