Main Street vs. Moody Street restaurants

Moody Street gets all the attention when it comes to dining in Waltham. For a lot of people, especially out-of-towners, the only worthwhile places to eat start at the intersection of High and Moody and end a four or five blocks north at the banks of the Charles.

But there are some stellar choices on Main Street, too. Last night we ate at one of them, Elephant Walk. It's Cambodian and French food, and it is the best new restaurant I have tried in Waltham in a long time. They have an eye for blending tastes and textures and presentation that is absolutely stunning. Borderline is not the only one who feels this way, either -- the place was packed when we went in, and packed when we left, around 8 pm.

There are a couple other places that look interesting too in the vicinity, including that little cafe on the north side of Main Street where Moody Street starts (or ends) as well as an Italian restaurant that a friend recommended -- can't remember the name, but it's not too far from the intersection of Main and Newton Street.

In fact, that may be one of the things that's holding back the dining scene on Main Street. You have to walk farther between restaurants, whereas Moody Street makes for easy browsing, because there are a few restaurants on every block, of all types and price ranges.

But if you are looking for some gems a little off the beaten path, give Main Street a try.


Blogger Kristine said...

Main Street does have some good restaurants. The Mad Raven is a nice pub, I like that place. I'll definitely have to try Elephant Walk.

9:22 AM  

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