Waltham hospital, post-closing

A few years back there was a great deal of hand-wringing over the closing of Waltham Hospital, and its impact on Waltham, as well as Newton, whose main hospital (Newton Wellesley) would absorb Waltham's traffic.

Here are my thoughts on the issue, after visiting the former Waltham hospital and Newton Wellesley in recent months:

1) Yes, Newton Wellesley gets more emergency traffic, as well as critical services (maternity, etc.) that used to go to Waltham. However, it should be noted that a lot of traffic also goes to St. E's in Brighton, judging by the Waltham police chatter I listen to on my scanner.

2) A lot of non-critical care is staying in Waltham, by going to the suburban "branch" outlets that Newton Wellesley and Children's hospital have at the former Waltham site. I received treatment at the "urgent care" facility operated by NW at Waltham, which is like a high-level walk-in clinic for people that need to get same-day medical attention but are not injured or seriously sick. It was a busy, modern facility, which I estimate sees at least several hundred patients per day. The Children's brach also seemed busy, and I would imagine is taking some of the pressure off NW as well as Children's Hospital in Boston.

The other part of the Waltham Hospital closing involved empty wards being converted to condos, or something along those lines ... anyone know the details?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Waltham resident new to blogs; if this has been covered elsewhere please post the link.

Talking to fellow residents I get the impression the closing of the Waltham Hospital was a sham, a 'sweetheart deal" where local authorities allowed a local developer to "walk away with millions", infered kickback, etc. I sure hope these claims are incorrect! I appreciate your bloging efforts and look forward to your comments!!!

12:27 AM  
Blogger Borderline said...

Thanks anon for commenting. I was disappointed by the end result of the developers grabbing the property, but I feel that the city really did give it its best shot for keeping it open. Also, the fact that care is available at these satellite health facilities run by NW and Childrens

7:44 AM  

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