Best newspaper in Newton or Waltham?

I have a contender for the best newspaper produced in Newton or Waltham.

No, it's not the News-Tribune. Nor is it the Newton Tab.

It's the Justice, the student-run newspaper of Brandeis University.

I picked up the Tuesday, January 17 edition in Tara Restaurant on Moody Street, while waiting for my pizza (the best in Waltham I've tried, BTW), and was really impressed with the quality of the writing. These are college students, and for the most part they are writing at a level comparable to what you see in "real" newspapers.

The layout was also super, particularly the 2005 year in review spread. In general, it's clean and easy to read. It also doesn't have many advertisements to clutter up the pages, which might be a curse from a financial point of view, but is a blessing from the readership point of view.

There were only a few rough spots, in my opinion: The picture on the front page of the aftermath of a South Street fire, as well as the headline for that story:

Blaze scorches South Street students' house

Besides the fact that real people never say "blaze", the editors had a golden chance to slip in a key detail, the fact that the fire was started by burning Tater Tots.

One last beef: The review of Munich, which was more a review of the critics than a discussion of the movie itself. Or maybe it wasn't supposed to be a movie review?

Boston College has a student newspaper, The Heights, which five years ago was quite strong, but I haven't read an issue since 2004.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tara has Waltham's best pizza? Really? I guess I'll have to try it. I like Franca's and Franco's, in that order.


1:23 PM  
Blogger Kevin Montgomery said...

I would recommend that you should read Brandeis's THE HOOT.

8:26 PM  

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