Bordeline apologizes for incorrect assumption

Borderline made a mistake last week and would like to set the record straight as much as possible based on second and third-hand information.

The mistake concerns the following statement from my post of Jan 21, which read:
[Authorities] have your number. They know you sent the message from somewhere in Newton. They'll find out which computer it came from, and tie it to you.
While investigators know it came from Newton, there wasn't any uncertainty over where it came from, as this News Tribune article by Jennifer Roy suggested. Within three hours, they had traced it to a computer in the Newton Free Library, according to this follow-up article by Galen Moore.

Borderline still stands by the assertion that the authorities needed a warrant in the absense of an imminent threat to peoples' lives (or permission from the library). An FBI spokeswoman cited in the Moore follow-up article claims that a warrant was not required in this situation, but decided not to unilaterally seize the computer in order to "be cooperative and not inconvenience the library."


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