TV standards and kids

I saw two things on TV tonight which disturbed me. Well, actually only one thing that disturbed me, the other was merely unusual.

Disturbing TV: CSI or CSI-like show depicting the corpse of a starved-to-death five year old (around 9 pm, I think on ABC or NBC). Unusual TV: South Park (11 pm on UPN 38).

These two shows weren't on cable, or satellite TV, or PPV. It's ordinary, over the air TV that probably 20 million pre-teen kids are watching tonight (it's Saturday) all across the country. What is popular entertainment coming to? I have seen much worse in my life, and I realize that standards change, but this is going too far, particularly the CSI show of a starved five year old at 9 pm.

I actually appreciate South Park, but don't think kids under 10 should be able to watch it. On the other hand, they probably wouldn't get some of the more subtle adult humor on that show. And 11 pm is pretty late ... I hope most under-10s are asleep by then!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I saw "Platoon" on 38 the other evening, around 9? The swear-words were all bleeped out, but the violence, even if it has been cut partially, was over the top -- as one would expect for a movie about Vietnam. I can't believe things have gotten this crazy, and plan to only allow children I have to watch dvd's and videos, where there aren't commercials or this kind of content popping up unexpectedly.

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