News-Tribune sucks up to the realtors ... again

The News Tribune has another pro-realtor article, describing the market in Newton and Waltham. There're high prices, a large inventory, and uncertainty over rates. But what does correspondent Janet Spiegel find from her sources in the real estate industry?

"I don't predict a crash."

"... A great opportunity for on-the-fence buyers."

"Anything can happen in the market, but it's a sound investment to make."

Well, surprise, surprise. Aren't these types of things exactly what the realtors want everyone to think?

What about caution? What about waiting for prices to drop to levels that ordinary human beings can afford? The News Tribune and Spiegel don't bother asking those types of questions, or for that matter, interviewing ordinary human beings who might be interested in buying or selling a house.

See my past commentary on the News-Trib's pro-real estate industry bias.


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