Motorcycles too loud?

In reading an online discussion about iPods, I came across the following quote, regarding excessive noise levels from motorcycles:
"What about all of the unmuffled motorcycles ALL of us are FORCED to listen to if we are anywhere near a highway? Why does the constabulatory do NOTHING about that? If my car was that loud, guess what would happen?"

This poster has a point. If someone's car is driving around without a muffler, the cops will eventually pull him over. If someone is having a loud party, the same thing will happen ... neighbors or the police will tell them to keep it down.

Yet people drive around Newton and Waltham with loud motorcycles and the cops don't do anything. Many of them have modified exhausts which deliberately increase or amplify the sound of the engine to ear-splitting levels. Other makes -- like Harley Davidson motorcycles -- are designed to be loud. My son starts to cry when they go by. And the drivers of these machines are proud?

Message to the loud-is-good motorcycle crowd: Stop showing off, and start showing some respect for your neighbors.

I know not every motorcycle rider is like this -- there are a few local residents who obviously tries to drive slowly and quietly when going through nearby streets -- but they are exceptions, it seems.


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