Demonstrations at Our Lady's in the Lake

Newton churches have caused a lot of trouble for the Boston Archdiocese recently. Last year, parishioners at St. Barnard's in West Newton forced the archdiocese to abadon plans to shut it down.

Now it's Our Lady's in the Lake (official name: Our Lady Help of Christians). The archdiocese has forced out the popular priest there on questionable ethics charges. Supporters of the priest, Rev. Walter Cuenin, suspect other reasons are behind the transfer. Jessica Fargen and Bernie Smith at The Daily News Tribune has the story.

I predict yet more problems for the archdiocese on this one. The folks who attend this church are ready to demonstrate their displeasure to the TV cameras, and the fact that the replacement priest is an archdiocese insider isn't helping matters.

I used to attend Our Lady's with my family, and went to CCD there. Maybe fodder for a future "Old School" post ....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not Catholic, nor do I practice any institutionalized religion. But I think all Catholics should understand by now that when push comes to shove, their church leaders will nearly always choose to protect themselves rather than accept responsibility for their failings. As with most hierarchies, this behavior becomes more pronounced the higher you go in the pyramid.

I recommend that Cuenin's supporters go to church at Our Lady on Sunday, but that they stay outside on the lawn and hold their own services there. At some point, people have to realize that they must take matters into their own hands, and stop hoping that their abusers will come around.

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