School choice for parents

Interesting article in the Herald , about bussing in Boston. They even bus elementary school kids all over the city (I had thought it was older kids only).

In explaining why many parents are looking for other alternatives, such as parochial schools, this parent made the following comment:
"I don't make a lot of money, but to put him on a bus to one school while kids from his street are sent to another (with) no sense of community, I would never do that."

I wouldn't do that either, but doesn't the alternative -- sending him to a parochial school, which is probably in a different neighborhood (he lives in Beacon Hill), lead to the same "sense of community" problem?

No wonder we see lots of parents in Boston and other communities sell their homes and move to places with better schools when their kids reach kindergarten age. I know someone who moved from Brighton to Brookline for this reason, and I know Newton is magnet for parents as well -- which helps explain the high real estate prices.


Anonymous adamg said...

Hey, my daughter is one of those bused Boston kids and has been since kindergarten. There are actually advantages, if done right - she goes to a better school than if she'd stayed in her "walk zone."

6:43 PM  

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