T.V. O.D.

Anyone notice all of the television sets lying on curbs all over Newton and Waltham? And not just 30-year-old sets, either. Lots of big 25" sets that are just a few years old, tossed out and left to sit there, often for weeks -- lots of people don't know that TVs and computer monitors contain harmful materials that require special disposal or recycling, and you have to call up BFI (Newton) or Capitol (Waltham) to arrange for special pick-up.

Anyway, Borderline noticed that the number of derelict TVs started increasing in the spring, and really picked up in late summer. What's behind this trend? Borderline believes it's all about HDTV, which started picking up steam as programming has increased and prices have dropped, and XBox 360, the newfangled videogame console which supposedly looks better in HDTV. The tax holiday in the late summer prompted lots of people to make the switch (LCD and Plasma HDTV sets can cost thousands, I hear) and say goodbye to their old-fashioned cathode ray tube TV sets.

Expect to see another rush post-Christmas ...

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Blogger margalit said...

Interesting. I haven't seen a TV anywhere in Newton. I wish I had because I just had to go out a buy a new (HDTV) when my old (5 years) lost color. One of the reasons people are tossing their TVs is that they die much faster than ever before. The plasma TVs aren't supposed to last longer than an few years, and the old 27" TVs are almost impossible to buy. Don't believe me? Go to Best Buy or Circuit City and see what they have on sale to replace a broken TV. You'll be as surprised as I was.

12:24 AM  
Anonymous Jason said...

YES. My sister and I have been going on Newton's Historic Walking Tours and we always felt the tour was not complete unless we saw at least one curbed TV.

8:58 AM  
Blogger Steve Garfield said...

Jamaica Plain too...


But older models.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Greg Reibman said...

I think you notice the TVs because the city doesn't pick them up, hence they sit on the curb for few weeks until the homeowner realizes that they have to bring them to Rumsford St.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous arts and crafts idea said...

Why don't they sell the tvs? or atleast give them to charities or something..


2:15 PM  

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