Trouble in the Waltham Police Department

A few months back there was a buzz about a series of anonymous letters to the News Tribune and Waltham City Hall alleging misconduct in the Waltham Police Department. I heard the problem related to nepotism, but according to a Jennifer Roy article "Report finds fault with Waltham Police Department" (News Trib, dated June 6) there's a lot more involved.

Roy bases her article on the release of an independent report drawn up by investigator Warren J. Rutherford. I believe there were 35 complaints in the original anoymous letter(s), and the article alludes to some of them, including the department overlooking medical problems, wrongful termination of a cadet, issues involving the use of unmarked police cars, favortism relating to sick leave, and more. Unfortunately Roy was only able to see a censored version of the report, so there's still a lot of mystery.

The Boston Globe article on the Rutherford report couldn't dig up much more in the way of details beyond something involving the alleged abuse of a "reserve" list of police applicants who have taken the civil service exam. The article adds Mayor McCarthy pledges to take action, etc. etc.

Anyone else have any details?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the investigation should extend to the 911 center also.

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