Saying No To National Lumber

Borderline is going to steer contractors who work for us to other suppliers, after reading about National Lumber's policies toward the victims of a unscrupulous contractor named Dennis Bartel.

As described in the Needham Times (and reprinted in the Newton Tab) Bartel was contracted to do work for a bunch of homeowners in Needham. He took money from them to get started, but then never did the work. National Lumber, which allegedly supplied Bartel on some type of credit arrangement, was also stiffed. However, unable to recover money from Bartel, National Lumber has placed liens on the homes of the victims in an attempt to force them to pay for Bartel's cheating ways. In other words, the homeowners are being victimized twice, first by Bartel, and now by National Lumber.

National Lumber is a big company with local roots. It has 450 employees, and $125 million in sales in 2002, according to this Prosales article. Yet they are ruining innocent people's lives over someone else's debt, totalling in the thousands of dollars for each homeowner?

According to the Tab article, the lawyer orchestrating National Lumber's campaign is Mark Barnett, but in Borderline's opinion, the executives of National Lumber are ultimately responsible for the company's policies. They are co-CEOs Steven Kaitz, and his sister Margie Kaitz-Seligman. Both apparently have Newton connections -- Steven was raised in Newton, and the company has an office on Needham Street.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a bunch of unethical scumbags. I will never use National Lumber, and I will make sure alot of people see this article

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If National Lumber supplied $1,000.00 of goods to Bartel, who installed it, why shouldn't National Lumber get paid for the benefit that the homeowner received? Of course, if homwowner didn't receive the goods, then that's another story entirely.

2:28 PM  

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