Once again, Congress thinks it's above the law

I can't believe the arrogance of some of our elected leaders. First, they tell us they intend to grant amnesty to millions of non-citizens who have broke our laws. Now, Congress is attempting to force our own law enforcement officials to hand back evidence in a blatant case of corruption involving one of its own -- and President Bush seems to be going along with it!

At least law enforcement is showing some backbone; the New York Times reports that important Justice Department people -- including F.B.I. director Robert Mueller and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales -- are ready to quit if G.W. forces them to return evidence in the Congressional corruption case.

Borderline's take: Mueller and Gonzales are absolutely right. No one is above the law. It doesn't matter if you are an illegal immigrant or an elected official of either major party. If there is evidence that you broke our laws, you should be investigated, prosecuted, and sentenced accordingly. No amnesty. No favors. No backroom deals.


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