Borderline isn't the only one alarmed by out-of-control development in Waltham

Just a few days after posting my last rant against developers and the Waltham city councillors who support them, I spotted a letter in the News Tribune written by Judy Derle of North Waltham, lamenting the changes that have turned North Waltham into a developers' playground. Here's an excerpt:
... I am apalled at all the construction that is going on in North Waltham. It used to be a refuge from the downtown area -- a nice, quiet suburban landscape. Now we will be just as or maybe even more congested as downtown. All that is left for City Council to do is to allow another Shaw’s Supermaket and CVS somewhere in the residential area of Trapelo Road and that will make it complete. It’s something I wouldn’t put past them to do. Thanks for the article and the update with the trees. Thanks for letting me vent. Is it too late to sell?
City Councillors, Mayor McCarthy, and the Planning Department, take heed: The citizenry of Waltham is fed up with development. What are you going to do about it?


Anonymous Donna said...

With all of the development going on around Trapelo Road, my concern is about the traffic that will be looking for shortcuts to avoid the light at the corner of Trapelo and Waverly Oaks (Route 60).

We have high school, elementary and other school bus stops on a main cut-through during prime rush hour (7:00-8:30 a.m.). We already have speeding cars looking to save the 1.5 minutes at the light. What's going to happen once the residential units on Trapelo are complete and there's even MORE traffic on a small, two lane road?

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Finn from Tham said...

The politics of the City of Waltham are in such disarray, it is a travesty. Certain people, in comfortable positions, were used to things being done a certain way for over 50 years in the city. Now, with a progressive mayor, trying to clean up all the corruption to lead the city into the changing world we are faced with in this new century, there is bs politicking going on, disrupting the forward progress and besmirching the character of those trying to do good. It is such a shame. The Waltham City Council is so non-representative of the poplation of the city it is absurd. Look at the members, their backgrounds, their education, and their ties to local businesses; it is no wonder the so much out of control building occured under the last mayor's reign where corrupt politics was let to run rampant. If you want your voice heard in Waltham, first, make sure you are not a poor and that you own a business that can kickback to the politicos, second, show up at the Son's of Italy on a Monday night and buy the councilor's a shot.
It's time for the local paper to actual do some reporting and stop blindly listening to the talking heads of Waltham.
Think for yourself, Act for the voiceless, and Do some real good for the community.

8:37 PM  

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