Colors! Colors! C-c-c-c-Colors! (or, Crips in Newton)

I choked on my Cheerios when I saw this item in the Boston Herald:

Cops hunt Crip Ties in Newton School

It wasn't just the fact that some Los Angeles street gang had supposedly arrived in leafy Newton, but where it had arrived -- Lincoln-Eliot elementary school!

A follow-up in the Tab by Dan Atkinson ("Wannabe" gangstas menace Newton) suggests that fear, grafitti, teen posturing, and rumors seem to be behind talk of Crips showing up in The Lake, rather than real-life bad mans rolling into town with their glocks and low riders.

Compare that with the gang situation in Waltham, which Borderline noticed a few weeks back (Misguided teenage pranks, or gang signs?). In Waltham, it's for real, at least according to people who should know -- a policeman told me after I posted that MS-13 does have a presense in Waltham.

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Anonymous Todd Kirrane said...

Don't automatically discredit the possibility of gang activity just because it is in "leafy Newton". I lived in Derry, NH for a while and a gang was able to setup shop in this small coomunity and if it can happen there, it can happen here. Add to the sgns of crips in Nonantum and MS 13 in Waltham the recent tagging of places in Auburndale with "Bloods up, crabs down". This is a reference to possible Bloods activity in the area as well. In Derry the state police combined with local officials to rid the community of the gang within 6 months. Perhaps instead of burying our heads in the sand believeing that it could never happen in Newton, we learn from their success and nip this in the bud early before it does become a real problem.

12:25 AM  

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