Increased legal immigration: Yes! Amnesty for illegals: No!

I fully support creating an easier system for workers of all skill levels and their families to legally immigrate to the United States. The current system is clearly broken, and unfair.

But if Senator Kennedy and the other Washington pols think that voters approve of granting amnesty to the millions of illegals already in this country, they have another thing coming. The idea that the United States will grant citizenship to people whose first act on American soil was to willingly break very significant federal laws angers a lot of people. It's unfair to the millions of of people who are already standing in the queue and putting up with incredibly unfair restrictions on their movements, and unfair to those who will apply under the TBD legal guest worker/immigration program from their home countries. It's unfair to the millions of citizens and legal foreign residents who very closely obey all the laws of the land, ranging from passing a driving test to paying taxes. And it will send a message to anyone in the world who wants to come here illegally that there will probably be a third amnesty in 20 years' time.

I'll post the names of the Massachusetts politicians who support the amnesty for illegals legislation currently being rushed through Washington. If you disagree with the amnesty provision, feel free to write a letter, withhold your vote, or do whatever you can to them know your displeasure -- but don't let them get away with this travesty.



Borderline has gathered the links for the online contact forms for Newton and Waltham representatives in Washington. Whatever you feel about the immigration issue, I encourage you to let your elected reps know about it -- as it seems that a very important piece of policy is being decided with little input from ordinary citizens. The online forms are very easy to use, and it takes just a few minutes to let the pols know what we think:

Online contact form for Senator Kennedy

Online contact form for Senator Kerry

Online contact form for Rep. Markey (Waltham)

Online contact form for Rep. Frank (Newton)

You can also email the White House at comments@whitehouse.gov.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kennedy supports amnesty. He and McCain sponsored the bill.

Bush supports it too.

3:55 PM  

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