New bookstore in Waltham

A local blogger, Lisa, has happened upon a Waltham store that I didn't know existed -- Back Pages Books. Yes, a bookstore finally comes to Moody Street! It's not a chain store, but rather an independent. It sells used and new books, has a place to sit and read, and will be highlighting local authors too. Check out the website, and the store, when you have a chance.

Interesting note on Lisa's Cadence90 blog: It's been around for over five years. I've only been around for five months, and I can really appreciate the dedication she has put into it. She also maintains a separate blog dedicated to Watertown, http://h2otown.info. Keep up the good work!


Blogger Lisa said...

BTW -- it was only a few doors down from, yes, *ANOTHER* bookstore that appeared to be an all-used bookstore. Didn't have time to check into it. I have to say, going around Waltham made me envy any metroblogger who was fortunate enough to live there. Watertown lacks many places where there is retail spaces along both sides of a street, so it's virtually impossible to have the kind of momentum y'all (I'm from here, but I agree with Southerners that English needs a third person plural) have.

2:16 PM  
Blogger Borderline said...

Thanks for the extra info, Lisa. And I would also like to add that a used bookstore has existed on River Street in Waltham for years, in the little plaza across the street from Shaw's/AJ Wrights. It's called Annie's Book Swap, and it really is a pleasant place to stop to browse for books.

2:38 PM  

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