Another great reason to live in Newton & Waltham

I think a lot of people this week who live many miles from their places of employment are probably wishing they'd considered Newton or Waltham when they were house-hunting. I know people that live in Rhode Island and New Hampshire, and even one guy who lives out near Springfield. They commute 40 or 50 miles each way, or about $6.50 (if you drive a Corolla) or $10 (if you drive an SUV). One way. Going to work is as expensive as going to the movies for some people.

I don't like gas prices either, but the great thing about Newton and Waltham is that they are very central to points east and west, and, to a lesser extent, north and south. Boston is 10 miles away down the Pike or Rte. 9, and a lot of the suburban office parks in the western suburbs are not too far away either. In the entire time I have lived in Waltham, I have worked in four separate locations, and never had to commute for more than 45 minutes, one way.

Even if you change jobs, there's a good chance that your commute won't be too far or too long, and, if you work downtown, you can hop on the commuter rail or bus to get to work. When I worked in town, I used to ride my bicycle on sunny days, which is another perk of living where we do.


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Hi! OT comment, but I visited a new bookstore in Waltham yesterday and wrote about it here.

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