Old School: Red truck ice cream guy

Ever since moving to this borderline neighborhood, we've taken note of the local ice cream truck. He starts making the rounds in mid-May, and now we hear him prowling the streets every afternoon and early evening. He drives an ancient red pickup truck with a freezer mounted on the back, with the usual assortment of sno-cones, fudgsicles, ice cream sandwiches, and the like. His range goes as far south as Webster street in Newton, and I think past High Street in Waltham.

The first or second summer we lived here some friends from NYC visited and they were kind of surprised to see the old school ice cream truck. One of them had grown up in suburban NJ but thought ice cream trucks had gone the way of paperboys, i.e. victims of the 7-Elevenization of America and no-one wanting to do that kind of work anymore. I was proud to prove him wrong ....


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