Memorial Day Weekend

It's been a glorious weekend so far. Yesterday we were finally able to stock up at Russos on flowers, and my S.O. took our daughter to the Cove in Auburndale to play and enjoy the fabulous weakther. Even the rainstorm later in the day didn't dampen the day -- the sun came out immediately afterwards, treating us to a spectacular double rainbow.

On Sunday, we strolled through the Calvary Cemetery. Many families were out remembering their relatives, and every veteran's grave, even those who have no living relatives to plant flowers, had an American flag. It is a special that we have this day to honor their service to our country.

We also had a picnic by the Riverwalk, where the waterfall marks the location of the old dye factory (now an extension of the Shaw's parking lot). No more alewife are jumping, but it was a pretty site, with lots of birds, wildflowers and the sound of rushing water. Our friends from Boston were amazed at this spot; they only knew about the Espanade downtown and the riverside parks in Cambridge and Allston.


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