Zagat on Boston restaurant trends

Great story in the Herald today about the most recent results of the local Zagat restaurant survey.

The most interesting point: Japanese restaurants are winning the top spots in cities across the country, including Boston. Considering most people around here 15 years ago would have thrown up at the thought of eating raw fish, that's a pretty amazing statistic. Too bad there's no authentic Japanese food in Newton or Waltham, though ... we usually go to Sushi 21 in Watertown, or Blue Fin in Porter Square when the urge strikes. These restaurants are run by Japanese, and according to my wife, who lived in Japan, the food is just about right. A lot of "Japanese" restaurants around here are run by Koreans or Chinese, trying to cash in on the craze for Japanese food.

Another interesting point: 76% of Zagat respondents listed service as the most irritating aspect of dining out, over price, noise, parking etc. I seldom find great service at local restaurants, but on the other hand, I think parking and cleanliness are bigger problems.

Third point: People don't dress up anymore when they go out. That doesn't surprise me either. Who wants to wear a stuffy suit and tie to eat?


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