Where have all the paperboys gone?

This morning in Newton I saw a car throwing plastic-wrapped copies of the Boston Globe into driveways on Cherry Street. This is a trend that started about 15 years ago, by my reckoning. Are there any paperboys (or girls) left in Newton or Waltham?

I friend of mine in High School had been a paperboy in his Newton Corner neighborhood when he was younger. It was a tough route -- lots of steep hills -- but it was a family thing, he had inherited the route from his sister, who had gotten it from her twin brother, who had gotten it from his older brother. In my neighborhood, a kid who lived on Watertown Street delivered the News Tribune every afternoon after school.

But now you don't see kids delivering papers. It's all men driving small Korean cars who no doubt have other jobs, too -- I don't think you can make much of a living delivering papers.

But here's a thought -- maybe the adults doing this job now were the paperboys and girls of yesteryear. It would be interesting to ask them ...


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