Another problem with The Ride

The Boston Herald has a story this morning about The Ride, and how people are angry at the MBTA for delays and other problems.

I have another beef with The Ride: the practices of some of the drivers, who whip around our neighborhood at high speeds, idle on side streets for long stretches of time, and stop in the middle of High Street in Waltham to chat with each other. They apparently have a base on Calvary Street, and I think have some kind of relationship with Veterans Taxi of Newton (which is across the border in Waltham, at the corner of High Street and Parmenter.)

I saw a sign that one frustrated neighbor put on their front porch, asking The Ride drivers not to idle in front of their house. I agree -- if they want to idle while they wait for their next assignment, they should do it in their own lot. They should also not go speeding down side streets -- this is a residential neighborhood with kids and senior citizens wandering about.


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