Newton Plant Sale -- Ripoff!

Forgot to mention the plant sale, which took place over the weekend at Newton City Hall. My mom had reported bargains, but when my dad and my significant other went to investigate, they said it was a ripoff.

True, the proceeds went to charity, but the markup was four or five times -- my dad saw a plant at the Newton Plant sale which cost between 10 and 15 dollars, and the next day saw the same plant at Russos in Watertown for four/$10. Some people in the Garden City can afford the markup, but we're not one of them. We'll go to Russos when
the weather improves, maybe over Memorial Day weekend.


Blogger Kal said...

Hey - just noticed your mention of my blog (via google). I'll be sure to put you in the daily rotation. Love reading about Mass, and I used to know Waltham pretty well.

Good luck with your blog!

12:56 AM  

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