Patrick Hynes and New Media Strategics: A pattern of deception, and a Romney connection

Well, Hynes is back in action at his Ankle Biting Pundits blog, so it's time to continue where I left off: Exposing Hynes' bogus activities.

Turns out that Hynes and his company New Media Strategics regularly use deception to manipulate the public online and in print, and hide the identity of his true paymasters.

In his home base of Portsmouth, NH, he has been busy writing letters to local newspapers and misrepresenting that he works for Calypso Communications (another one of his PR gigs). It's happened on more than one occasion, according to Drew Cline of the Union Leader. Read about it here, and here.

And then there are some deceptions on the national political scene. You can read what Jim Geraghty found out in his National Review post. Seems like Hynes is or was John McCain's hatchet man, trying to sabotage Gov. "Slick" Romney's presidential ambitions in typical New Media Strategics fashion -- hot air and deception. Hynes' cover was blown in a rather embarrassing manner. But least he owned up to who's paying him -- which is quite unlike the pro-Verizon, anti-Net Neutrality (and now defunct) Channel Changer blog, which he amazingly claimed was some kind of personal hobby.

Anyway, I don't know if Hynes/New Media Strategics is still on the McCain payroll, but if he's not, I'm sure Deval Patrick could use the help against Romney sidekick "whats-her-name" Healey.

More background on Hynes' attempted deception of Borderline can be read here.



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