Cross-border crime in Newton and Waltham

This week's issue of the Newton Tab was unusually active with incidents of cross-border crime.

First, there's the hapless driver from Waltham crashing into the Newton Police Station, apparently after having a few. This has a knock-on effect of screwing up Newton's emergency dispatch system. (sorry, can't find the link, but it's in the first section of the April 12 Tab)

Police photo: Thomas Nolan from Falmouth Road in WalthamThen there were two crimes perpetrated by people living in borderline neighborhoods. This guy on the right is Thomas Nolan from Falmouth Road in Waltham, right on the Newton line. He allegedly pulled down his pants in front of a lady on Needham Street in Newton, and started, erm, "flying a kite" in front of her. Another case: two men living on or near North Street in Newton ambushed a deliveryman from Lily's Chinese Kitchen, just across the border on River Street in Waltham, and stole his money, according to the victim.

The worst of these crimes, though, was the murder of Edward Schiller in a Rte. 9 parking garage. The police have solved the murder, and say it was set up by James Brescia of Sartell Rd., Waltham. He was allegedly angry that the victim was dating his estranged wife, and hired someone to kill him.

Can't we all just get along?


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