Waltham's Best Asian Market

A few weeks ago, Borderline explored a new supermarket located in a most unlikely place.

The Asia Market is on Rte. 60 (Waverly Oaks Road) in Waltham in the back of a combined strip mall/industrial space. It's impossible to see from the road -- and in fact when we first tried to find it (a friend had told us about it), ended up driving far into Belmont looking for a sign.

There is no sign from the road. Driving north on 60 toward Belmont, you have to take a right into the industrial park entrance that's immediately past Yolanda's (the palatial bridal/beauty store on Waverly Oaks Road). Then you go between the two long industrial buildings, look for the Christmas lights on the left which is the entrance.

Inside they have all kinds of Asian delicacies, mostly from China but there're Japanese things as well. You can get noodles, Chinese cabbages, tofu in large plastic tubs, obscure cuts of meat, frozen dumplings (which are great!), instant noodles, two dozen varieties of soy sauce, Chinese tea, etc. They also have lots of freshly cooked foods, such as dumplings, stewed eggs, roasted duck, etc. There are some weird things, too. I spotted a package of seasoning with the picture of a crow and a black chicken on the front -- I wasn't aware that it was legal to eat crow meat but there is apparently a seasoning for it. Or maybe it's just a logo?

Anyway, the Asia Market is about half the size of Russo's in Watertown -- so it's not quite a supermarket, but it's not like the tiny Korean shop on Walnut Street in Newtonville either. Prices seem quite reasonable.


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