Two good things about Fox 25 news

Two things I really like about Fox 25's local news show:

1) The talent is local. These anchors and reporters aren't people who parachute in from some other market, stick around for a year or two, and then blow off somewhere else to further their career. Most of the Fox 25 on-air talent are from here, or they went to Emerson or BU, and they stuck around. They know the place, they like the place, they understand the place.

2) They're like us. Tonight they were doing some fluff piece about American Idol, and the video editor put in as the background song "Rock and Roll Singer" by AC/DC. When they went back to the studio, Wade said, "AC/DC, Shoot to Thrill, let's keep it going."

I can't imagine Jack Williams, or the botox people on Channel 7, saying something like that.


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