A truck with attitude

There's some guy who runs a blog about "Massholes" on local roads. I can't remember the name of the blog or URL, but this evening I definitely observed a qualifying Masshole driver.

He -- and I know it was a he, even though I never saw him, because of what I am about to describe -- was driving a dark blue heavy-duty pickup (Ford F250 or Dodge Ram) with one of those steel contractor boxes mounted on the back of the cab. He was eastbound on the Pike in Newton at approximately 5 pm this evening, darting among cars at high speed, when he suddenly decided to pull across three lanes of traffic to get off at the Newton Corner exit. I was right behind him getting off, when I noticed something swinging from the undercarriage of the truck.

Strange, I said to myself. That looks like a pink plastic measuring cup set. What would a contractor need with those?

Then I realized: Those aren't measuring cups. They're oversized plastic testicles.

The truck with its swinging set of pink plastic testicles roared off at the top of the ramp, headed down Washington Street toward Brighton.


Blogger Kristine said...

Ya know, I don't get the whole "hanging fake plastic testes from a truck" thing...I've seen people do that before and I just don't GET it.

9:19 AM  

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