Waltham 4th of July fireworks

Almost everyone in our borderline neighborhood -- people from both Waltham and Newton -- go to the fireworks in Newton's Albermarle park, which is about 1/2 mile away, down Waltham Street to Crafts Street. The exodus of families carrying folding chairs and picnic kits starts moving out around 7:30.

As far as I know, we're the only ones in our immediate vicinity to go to the Waltham fireworks. It's not surprising why so few people from our area go to Waltham ... it's about two miles away (Leary Field, off Bacon Street), and parking within a half-mile of the field is impossible.

We settle for a space near Waltham Commons. It's comfortable, but the view of the actual fireworks is not great. Some of the higher rockets are easily seen, but the fountains and other smaller fireworks cannot be seen owing to trees and buildings.

We'll probably go to Albermarle, next year ...

Click here to get information on the 2006 Independence Day activities (including fireworks) in Newton and Waltham


Blogger wheels394 said...

I live in Waltham and also watch the fireworks from the Waltham common area. But what is nice is if you sit down by the car wash you can see Newton Fireworks and then when they finish we walk up and sit across from the common and watch the Waltham fireworks which start right after. That way we get to see both towns!

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