When schools get rebuilt ...

While everyone in Newton is talking about what to do with Newton
North, people in our borderline neighborhood are concerned about the
rebuild of Whittemore elementary. This has been under discussion for a
few years, but until now there has been little mention in the
newspaper and no news from the Waltham City Government.

But this Wednesday at 7 pm there will be a planning meeting, in which
members of the public are welcome to attend. One thing that interests
me is the alleged plan to shift the main entrance of the school from
Parmenter to Hovey. As anyone who lives in the neighborhood knows,
Hovey is already difficult to pass at peak times in the morning --
people park their cars on either side of the road to drop their kids
off at the playground. Making this the main entrance for busses and
everyone else would be a disaster.

On the other hand, the planners may have a solution in mind, or some
other good reason to switch the entrances. I'll be all ears ...


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