Boston Globe writes a pro-newcomer story!

A few weeks back, I wrote about a trend in the Boston Globe that vilifies "newcomers" to old neighborhoods, often relying on sloppy research and stereotypes.

Well, I am pleased to see that the Globe actually printed an article that is sympathetic to one newcomer couple who moved in South Boston, and ran head-first into two of that neighborhood's most well-known problems -- parking and nepotism. When the condo-buying couple, Amanda and Marc Pezzuto, wouldn't grant their old-timer neighbors a parking easement, and guess who the neighbors ran to? Their nephew, City Council President Michael F. Flaherty!

Lo and behold, when the Pezzutos went to the Zoning Board of Appeal for a routine permission, the request was denied. Of course, Flaherty denies having anything to do with this, and istead got his pal Councilor James M. Kelly to claim he was the one who held up the permission.

Now, in most other communities, something like this would result in an investigation -- after all, you can't use "connected" relatives to make government work in your favor. But not in Boston. How much do you want to bet the Zoning Board of Appeals will have an unexplained change of heart, now that their dirty laundry is being aired in public? The Pezzutos will stop complaining to the media and officials, and the city councillors will be off the hook.


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