Waltham teacher accused of disgusting crimes. Let justice take its course

A Waltham drama teacher has been accused of some disgusting crimes, and Dancer gives a local perspective.

Sound familiar? Sure it does. We hear about stories of teachers taking advantage of students all the time, and there are some real sick predators out there. But before the baying mob rips this guy's reputation to shreds, let all the facts come out, and let justice take its course. As everyone in Newton knows, sometimes an innocent teacher gets fingered.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i live i waltham..discovered this blog ...nice...

10:55 PM  
Anonymous Rieko said...

What happened to due process? Some students who have an axe to grind against their professors think of ways to get even. Conversely, I agree that some professors do take advantage of their authority. If only teachers live honorable lives, accusations against them will not prosper once they have established good reputations.

10:01 PM  

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