Poor timing, wrong message for pro-Israel demonstration in Newton

(Warning: There is a disturbing image in this post of a victim of the Israel Defence Force "mistake")

Just spotted this in the News Tribune, about a pro-Israel vigil and rally at the Newton City Hall War Memorial:
The rally featured speeches from prominent leaders in the Boston Jewish community, but a crudely drawn cartoon on a poster articulated why many in the crowd had gathered.

On the poster, two gunmen, kneeling, aimed machine guns at each other; one was labeled Israel, the other Hezbollah. The Israeli soldier was kneeling in front of a baby carriage, protecting it, while the other individual used a similar baby carriage as coverage to hide behind and fire the weapon.

I don't dispute that terrorists mix in with civilians in the Middle East, but to have this rally supporting the Israeli miltary now -- just days after dozens of innocent women and children were killed by Israeli military incompetence as they huddled in a basement shelter, too afraid to evacuate their village -- is the wrong message to send. After this disgraceful incident, not to mention the indiscriminate targeting of any vehicle travelling in certain parts of Lebanon, including ambulances, and the deliberate bombing of a United Nations outpost which killed four UN peacekeepers, supporters of Israel's military should be asking hard questions of this mission and how it's being carried out, rather than offering unconditional support.

Qana victimI also find it unusual that the News Tribune reporter did not mention the baby carriage cartoon in the context of what happened in Qana. Did he not ask anyone at the rally about what they thought? Or was he unaware of the killings?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunate timing perhaps, but it's worth noting that the vigil was planned before that incident to be in proximity with the Jewish holiday Tisha b'Av, i.e., *not* in support or nor in reaction to Qana. I don't think one has to be happy with what happened in Qana specifically to generally be supportive of Israel over Hezbollah.

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