Waltham Shopper coupon nirvana

The Waltham Shopper (see Borderline's article from last year) recently has featured lots of coupons that are very good deals. The Asian Market on Waverly Oaks Road (Rte 60, see the Borderline review) has had $5 coupons in the past few issues of the Shopper, and Eaton Apothecary on Hope Ave also has a $5 coupon. Mal Elfman's has a $10 coupon, and Stephanie's Dry Cleaners, a $3 coupon.

But wait -- there's more! Tri-City Wings, and Asia Express have discounts and coupons for takeout food. The New Verona also has a coupon deal, dinner for 2 for $25.

I believe the Waltham Shopper is distributed in Waltham, Newtonville, and Auburndale, and comes bundled in the mail with local grocery store flyers.

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