More local blogging sites spotted

We are not alone! It seems that the Waltham-Newton blogging universe is growing. Here's a list of sites that I have stumbled upon recently:

Universal Hub

It sounds like some kind of computer device like a USB hub, but it's actually a site devoted to blogs in and around the Boston area, as well as breaking news -- it seeks out reports from bloggers. I found a few Waltham and Newton blogs that I didn't know about before, but I also discovered that Borderline is not listed!

I've submitted Borderline to Universal Hub -- hopefully it will pass muster and help Borderline connect with other bloggers and people in Newton and Waltham.

Scott Lennon

I found out about Scott, an alderman in the Lake, after he posted a comment to Borderline. He has a website, http://www.scottlennon.com/

Ted Hess-Mahan

Another Newton alderman also has a blog, but it's only been updated twice in the past four months. Blogs are not a very effecive medium for reaching out to constituents, Ted, if you only update once every two months!

Once in a Blue Muse: A poet's journal

LJ Cohen also posted a comment to Borderline, and has a site about poetry.

If you know of any other Newton or Waltham blogs that I should be aware of, send 'em my way! Chances are I'll give them a plug.


Anonymous adamg said...

Thanks for the link! Yes, you pass muster; I'll post your link later today.

As for the name, when I set the site up, I didn't know there really are universal hubs (here's one. The name's a dumb play on words - "Hub of the Universe" and all that.

11:39 AM  

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