Bad business practices: Kerivan Lane Oil

We have been a Kerivan Lane customer for about five years. They are good in certain respects -- such as coming out for emergency service calls -- but could do a lot better in other areas.

My beef with them today is the annual oil burner check-up we had scheduled for yesterday afternoon. My wife went out in the morning, but was back by noon, and hung out all afternoon waiting for Kerivan Lane to show up. No one did. When I called them to ask what was going on, the guy on the phone admitted that yes, we did have a PM appointment. I could hear him turning to someone else in the office, and asking what happened. I heard the terse answer from the person who apparently was handling service: "We came, we rang the bell, no one answered, we moved on. End of story." He also claimed that he "left a message," but there was no paper or phone message that we saw.

Oil companies have been making money hand over fist for the last few decades, especially in the last few years, and for Kerivan Lane to suggest that this was our fault makes us very angry. We wasted a whole afternoon on a nice day, waiting for you to make your appointment, and you left us in the lurch.

As a result, we are seriously considering taking our business elsewhere, and I would suggest that new homebuyers in Newton and Waltham considering an oil company keep this type of incident in mind.


Anonymous Matt said...

We have used Kerivan Lane for years. This winter, after several oil burning problems we opted to have a third party evaluate our burner. The third party spent hours cleaning the unit and stated that in his opinion the burner had not been cleaned in years even though that was part of our agreement with Kerivan Lane. It was well worth the money and the burner was given a good bill of health.

After telling Kerivan Lane about the issue they wanted to look at it as well. They came out and immediately tried selling me a new heating system. After about an hour in the basement they ended up leaving. Later that week when I was in the basement again I noticed a very strong smell of oil that wasn't there after my third party heating guy was there.

It turns out, Kerivan Lane had spilt a large amount of oil in the basement, never mentioned it to me and made no attempt to clean it up.

After reporting this to Jack Lane, he initially denied that anyone was even at my house and then asked how I could prove that one of his men cased the spill.

That was enough for me. We have since changed and have not had any burner problems since Kerivan Lane is no longer neglecting the unit.

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