The Rail Trail saga continues

Great news in the Trib today ... the long-discussed Rail Trail project is moving forward. The main issue cited in the article, the MBTA's request that it be indemnified for future contaminated land claims, is not as serious as once thought, but is still under review.

However, from my POV, the main issue is Weston's refusal to go along with the plan. This was apparently held up back in the 90s by a few hundred Weston residents who were afraid of two million sweaty, poorer "outsiders" streaming through their posh backyards, lowering real estate values, and preventing "equestrians" from using the trail. The article only says that the rail trail, if it goes forward, will end at the Weston line.

Whatever, Weston snobs. The fact that you don't want the rail trail doesn't mean that I and thousands of other people can't bike into Weston on ordinary streets to continue my ride.


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